As Crossfield moves forward into a new season, it’s good to reflect on all the progress made this year.
In mid-January, we signed a distribution deal with Fitzhenry Whiteside, located in Markham, ON. All of Crossfield’s books now have a warehouse location. This makes ordering and shipping much easier, and also helps our Independent and Chain bookstores to bring new books in.

We also participated in our first on-line Ontario Library Association (OLA) conference, at the end of January.
What followed were huge learning curves needed to organize and produce virtual book launches with David F. Pelly, and Marianne Jones. Kudos to Glenda MacDonald for her expertise in organizing and orchestrating these events.

Many thanks to our Publicist, Nathaniel Moore,, for helping to creates successful promos, visuals, and contacts for our authors. he does an amazing job behind the scenes.

Our wonderful team of editors – David L. Pretty, Maura Bain Brown, and Glenda MacDonald – and our cover and interior design artists, Larry Stilwell and Magdalene Carson, are among the best to be found.

It’s also with sadness that I say farewell to Rob, my webmaster in the Philippines (, who has been with us for about 5 years. We will miss him. But change is inevitable as we move our website to a new host, create an ecommerce site, and work with an SEO. Thank you John Granskou, for guiding us into 2022.