Borderline Truths by Maurice J. O. Crossfield


Dave Rogers is a man with secrets. He’s been an accessory to murder, his dead father isn’t talking to him anymore, and he’s keeping all of this a secret from his wife. His PTSD, and his drinking, are ramping up as he tries to keep his life from falling apart. And it’s really not going well.
It’s 1976, and the region covered by the Granby Leader Mail, much like the rest of Quebec, has Olympic fever. The equestrian events are being held in nearby Bromont, and in an attempt to ensure security, the authorities have gone and blocked off the numerous unmarked border crossings into Vermont. There’s a long history of cross border activity, and Dave learns its rich history, realizing just what’s been going on along the line for decades.
Meanwhile, tough young Montreal street kid Junior falls in with the Irish mob, running errands and collecting debts for boss Charlie McKiernan. When an armed car robbery goes wrong, he’s sent to the country to hide out, and learn the ins and outs of the smuggling trade.
Stubby Booker, freshly released from jail, is running into his own problems with the new borderline dynamic. Someone’s been harassing his smuggling crews, slowly stepping up the pressure until one of his drivers ends up dead.
Having learned the fate of his namesake father, Junior has been putting the pieces together, seeking both revenge and the opportunity to make his name in the Irish mob. He abducts Stubby and Dave, and things come to a head during a three-way conversation at a sugar shack near the border. To save themselves Stubby and Dave will have to work together, and in the process learn more about each other, the secrets that bind them to each other and the Borderline Truths they use to get by.

If The Granby Liar was a dark read, then its sequel, Borderline Truths, is downright bloodthirsty. Maurice J.O. Crossfield’s most recent novel entangles its protagonist, Dave Rogers, in an all-out mafia war brimming with violence, blood, and broken bones. Borderline Truths is a crime masterpiece.

About Author - Maurice J. O. Crossfield

Maurice J. O. Crossfield was born and raised in Quebec’s Eastern Townships, beginning his career as a daily newspaper reporter at The Sherbrooke Record, where he stayed in the trenches for nearly 15 years. He then went on to be a contributor and eventually Editor-in-Chief for the Harrowsmith Publications. When he’s not writing he has held a wide variety of jobs, from forestry work to auto mechanic, organic gardener to truck driver. He lives in the village of West Brome with his wife, musician and artist Sarah Biggs, and their collection of dogs and cats.

His last book, The Granby Liar (2017), is into its second printing.

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