Buttons Thoughts – farm, family and folks by Grace Vanderzande


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Grace Vanderzande released her debut memoir Unbuttoned; Our Farming Life in Southeastern Ontario in 2022. Grace is now sharing Buttons Thoughts; Farm and Family which consists of a mix of 81 short stories filled with laughter, drama, heart break, grief, reality, helplessness and most importantly perseverance and strength.

“Buttons Thoughts” was also the name of her popular blog. Starting in 2010 it was online for over ten years. Grace is a contributing monthly columnist since 2014 through Sun Media, now Post Media. “Tales Of the Farm” captured her audience with real adventures and insights.

Buttons Thoughts is a creative memoir collection of farm and non-farm alike. The stories will pull you into memories which others can relate to in their own lives. This farmer is not immune to the realities of life. Trying to juggle farm and family life, and to handle both well, is difficult. Grace will be the first to admit that balls continue to be dropped. There is no where else she would rather be.

The stories will tune into her love of the land, her children, her husband lovingly known as “My Hero” and a huge extended family.  She shares stories of days that still have her dance with joy. Days that shook her to the core making her want to hide and deny and not face them.

No longer afraid of the tough stuff she realized that stories need to be told so others in the same situations will know that they are not alone. No longer afraid. Grace believes whimsy needs to be included. It balances out the emotions.


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