Dastardly Deed by Fran F. Porter


Dastardly Deed is a romantic-suspense novel about Helena, a woman victimized by a scam artist, who adopts Rowan, a young boy victimized by a foster guardian, and brings him to live with her at her dilapidated fishing resort in the Canadian Rockies. They form a bond—but one frayed by the boy’s obsession, as he grows into a strikingly handsome man, with gaining revenge against the scam artist, and also gaining money and power while building the resort into a world-class vacation spot. So angry does Helena become at Rowan’s changing values that she wills the resort not to him, but to Holly, a long-lost niece. It is Holly who ultimately teaches Rowan about life, love, and the aspects of humanity that are truly important.

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About Autour:  Fran L. Porter

Fran Porter is a retired high-school English and French teacher who lives with her retired geologist husband Andy in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She is the author of When the Ship has no Stabilizers (2014), a book about their youngest daughter Colleen, afflicted with borderline personality disorder. That book raised nearly $50,000, which was donated to start a treatment clinic for city BPD youth and resulted in the Porters receiving Calgary’s 2017 ‘Philanthropic Family of the Year’ award. Since then, Fran has written the Foreword for the latest Stop Walking on Eggshells book, one directed at parents, by U.S. author and BPD authority Randi Kreger, due for release in January 2022.

Fran’s 2019 novel The Wrong Brother, as well as this novel, Dastardly Deed, are both romantic suspense stories taking place in the fictitious midwestern town of Barrett. A Barrett Romantic Suspense.

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