Dear Braveheart – A Caregiver’s Loving Journey Through Alzheimer’s Dementia by Sheridan Rondeau

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Sheridan Rondeau’s Dear Braveheart recounts the author’s experience of loving and caring for her late husband, who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. Rondeau weaves a moving story of grace, hope and determination while tackling tough topics with a refreshing sense of humour and honesty. 
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From the Preface, written by Sheridan Rondeau

Imagine being lost, then found, then lost again. Imagine being giddy in love with a man who is slipping away from you bit by bit. This is the heartbreak that I endured. This is the story of my journey as a caregiver and the route I chose to get my husband and me safely to the end.

Research shows that more than half a million Canadians have Alzheimer‘s disease or related dementia. Those suffering from it lose their memory and ability to think properly. What was more frightening, for me, was the profound changes to Tony‘s mood and behaviour. As Alzheimer‘s disease heaped indignity after indignity upon him, I struggled to maintain my equilibrium. My natural optimism took a pounding. I was often crushed, often weepy. Sometimes I gathered my dog and my car keys and was ready to bolt.

If you are a caregiver, you will see yourself in this book. If you have just learned that your partner, parent or other loved one has Alzheimer‘s disease, you will find insight and hope.

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Sheridan Rondeau

Sheridan Rondeau

About Author - Sheridan Rondeau

Now retired, Sheridan Rondeau lives in Bracebridge, Ontario, where she is a member of the Muskoka Authors Association and Baysville Writers’ Circle. She enjoys public speaking and has hosted several Tall Pines Tales author events in Muskoka and Haliburton. Dear Braveheart is her first book.


9 reviews for Dear Braveheart – A Caregiver’s Loving Journey Through Alzheimer’s Dementia by Sheridan Rondeau

  1. Tina Crossfield

    Dear Braveheart is a beautiful story that shares with readers the love, honour, immense dedication, and grief of caregiving. Sheridan illustrates the inner tests, contemplations and revelations of the journey, while offering practical tips. A perfect gift for anyone who may be facing the challenges of loss and other peculiarities of dementia. (Karen Quemby, MA. Alzheimer Society of Muskoka)

  2. Tina Crossfield

    Writing is hard, very hard, especially when the situation is so close personally. You have to balance your emotions and memories with detachment and that takes GUTS. (the late Janet Lewis, professor emerita, York University, Toronto

  3. Tina Crossfield

    Dear Braveheart is a real story of love and passion – how two people must navigate together the loss of health and inevitability of being separated by life’s course. I found myself waking this morning wanting to hold my husband close to me, as Sherry’s story reminds me that this is a fate we all must live as we age, in one form or another. An inspiring read. (June Elder, B.A. Gerontology, B.A. Sociology, Huntsville, Ontario). Posted by TC

  4. Tina Crossfield

    Dear Braveheart is a poignant memoir of the changes wrought on an Alzheimer’s sufferer, as seen through his caregiver’s eyes. Sheridan Rondeau effectively captures the intermingled comedy and angst contained in this emotion-fraught journey, leaving the reader sadder, yet considerably wiser by its end. – Fran Porter, author of “When the Ship has no Stabilizers, The Wrong Brother, and Dastardly Deed”
    posted by TC

  5. Mary-Anne Brabander

    Sheridan has captured the heartache and the frustration of loving and caring for a person with Alzheimer’s. She has also presented the lighter, almost laughable, side of an otherwise challenging situation. Not only a good read, but an enlightening trip along the daunting path presented by a debilitating and debasing disease.

  6. Monika

    This book helps me see that I am not alone. I’m right in the thick of it at the moment. I know that since Sherry made it through – one day at a time, I will too. My great help is God- not just any god. Very helpful book!

  7. Deb Jeffrey

    Sherry has written a beautiful story about love. Facing Alzheimer’s is never easy and maybe the caregiver has the hardest part….she lost her man long before he “pulled a Ritz”.
    Still there was never a question about finding their way through the difficulties together….they are both “Bravehearts”.
    Congratulations Sherry.
    You have written a beautiful and important book!

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