Emotions Don’t Think – Emotional Contagion in a Time of Turmoil, by Bruce Hutchison, PhD


People get emotional about what they believe, and so when their beliefs are criticized, challenged or even attacked, their emotions usually get riled up. This is natural. It is human nature. It happens to most of us. Feelings and emotions spread easily in society at these times. But we have to manage them for the betterment of all of us. Understanding how to manage them effectively helps lower the turmoil and destruction, since emotions drive actions.

In the book Bruce talks about how emotional contagion contributes to social and political turmoil and how people can work at overcoming emotional contagion to lower the turmoil. The impact of emotions and feelings during social – political upheaval has been strong and he writes about how to manage them to lower their impact, in any future events, since they can get destructive.

Emotions Don’t Think – Emotional Contagion in a Time of Turmoil

We live in a time when the world is facing an invisible enemy. The pandemic surges, and social relations are fraught with turmoil. Emotions are on edge and people fear for their lives. We face turmoil, but turmoil does not come without emotions. Little has been written about the power of emotions and emotional contagion in this time of global turmoil until now.

Dr. Bruce Hutchison describes emotional contagion as one of the most powerful forces at play in society and in politics in the last few decades, building to the 2020-21 crescendo.  We need to learn about how to handle it to help us adapt to today’s stress. Dr. Hutchison’s book helps us learn how to do that.

Emotions are contagious and infectious and often spread from one person to another, so you can get infected by emotions when you are around people. This affects people during troubled times. Emotions don’t think and yet so many people base their decisions on emotions, including their votes.

Dangerous, infectious emotions spread like a virus and infect others. Pessimism, cynicism, depression, fear, hate, panic, anxiety, disgust and suspicion are all contagious. So are violence and conspiracies. These emotions spread and put people into turmoil. People use these emotions to think, but emotions can only feel. EMOTIONS DON’T THINK.


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About Author - Bruce Hutchison Ph.D.

Bruce Hutchison, Ph.D. writes the kind of book that is needed in the times of emotional turmoil that we live in. A retired clinical psychologist with over 50 years of experience performing psychotherapy, counselling, consultation and assessment, Dr. Hutchison has experienced and identified emotional contagion in many of his sessions with his clients, when emotions move and flow from client to therapist. He has appeared on TV, radio, and has travelled giving many speeches and talks about various topics in bettering oneself. An award-winning psychologist, he is known throughout Canada, and has been an avid follower of Canadian and American news. As a Canadian, he has been close enough and yet far enough away from the U.S. to get a subjective-objective view, one where he has no skin the game. He can be a little more objective, and less infected by the emotional infection he says flows in the U.S. media and society. But he is close enough to read the situation and be affected by American politics. He shares his insights with us in this ground-breaking book. He lives in Ottawa with his wife Catherine and their cat.



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