Hazards of the Trade – an intimate reveal of the 80s and 90s lingerie boom

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Hazards of the Trade is a personal disclosure of nearly twenty-years of humorous and sad reflections from the naive startup of a small-town lingerie boutique to the ultimate farewell.

Hazards of the Trade is a personal disclosure of nearly twenty years of humorous and sad reflections from the naïve start-up of a small-town lingerie boutique to the ultimate farewell.

The era began with retailers in impossibly high heels and designer suits attending the Ontario Fashion Exhibitors market at the prestigious King Edward Hotel in downtown Toronto and ended with buyers in rubber-soled shoes and sweatpants at the Congress Centre near the airport. While high-end fashion shows and buying trips might seem glamorous, evading a stalker and trying to evict a rabid squirrel from the shop might not. But it was all part of being in the Trade. That, and so much more.

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22 reviews for Hazards of the Trade – an intimate reveal of the 80s and 90s lingerie boom

  1. IQW

    A sheer delight to read. It made me laugh, cry and nod my head in remembrance of those days of craving beautiful lingerie, waited on by professional women in an intimate area and all wrapped up in a pretty box. All us girls were in that era together! Sadly those days are gone but Phyllis L. Humby delightfully captured the heart and soul of those days. Written with honesty heart and humour a must read! Would recommend it to anyone.

    Kathleen M.

  2. IQW

    I finished reading Hazards ages ago and was wanting to read more. All tasteless jokes aside, I am not exactly the demographic you would think would be interested in a memoir centred on a lingerie shop. But, I would happily recommend this book to anyone who enjoys skilful engaging writing and a friendly voice.

    Bob B.

  3. IQW

    Humour is often difficult to write but Phyllis L Humby weaves her wit seamlessly in her memoir and debut trade book Hazards of the Trade, virtually launched by Crossfield Publishing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Bravo, I say, and not because I know and have followed the journey of this seasoned writer for a long time (which I fully disclose here), but because she has a special gift.

    Gregarious with a natural flair for creating entertaining stories, this Canadian writer and columnist often lights up a room with her infectious laughter. This unique ability to razzle-dazzle and woo her customers (and readers) is evident throughout her book.

    Aptly subtitled: An Intimate Reveal of the 80s and 90s Lingerie Boom, her memoir shares the inner workings of a boutique she owned and operated in a small but prosperous southwestern Ontario community.

    Definitely an entertaining book to read while escaping from all our COVID-19 concerns!

    Debbie H.

  4. IQW

    Such a fun and well written read. Each chapter flows into the next with ease and anticipation. I laughed out loud more than once. Who would think a memoir about owning a lingerie shop in a small Ontario town could be so entertaining!

    Stacy M.

  5. IQW

    Well written and entertaining from cover to cover. Most enjoyable.

    Gloria P.

  6. IQW

    Love, love love this book, if flows along, good reading, fun story. More stories please, love the cover design.

    Shirley B.

  7. IQW

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It’s a lighthearted narrative and her memoir is just what I needed to cheer me up. Phyllis Humby does a delightful job at recounting her years as the owner of a lingerie boutique in a small Ontario town in the 1980’s and 90s. Highly recommend it.


  8. IQW

    A wonderful read. Phyllis was able to share wonderful stories of her experiences, while owning and operating her small town lingerie boutique, and allowed the reader to feel like they are right there with her.


  9. IQW

    Hazards of the Trade by Phyllis Humby reads like an afternoon on a sunny patio with a good friend, chatting over a glass of wine.

    Her memoir of her years as the owner of a lingerie boutique in a small town is light, poignant, funny and at times surprisingly unsettling. Phyllis’s portrait of the denizens of the trade is kind and generous, but her wry commentary is sharply insightful.

    From the hazards of battling shoplifters and squirrels to comforting the bereaved with aplomb and grace, and above all, professionalism, Phyllis may not have seen it all, but she’s seen more of many people than they have of themselves. So don’t be surprised if you happen to catch a glimpse of yourself tucked in these covers as well.

    Celynne G.

  10. IQW

    You won’t be able to sit aside, once you started. Though based in the 1980’s-1990’s it is a helpful well documented book advising anyone what it takes to operate a boutique. In an enjoyable fun way Phyllis let’s you in on a variety of the ups and downs of the operation, without hesitating to include the fun and everlasting friendship it brings.

    Amazon customer

  11. IQW

    Loved this book. So entertaining.


  12. IQW

    I enjoyed every page. The inside of the store came to life for me and some chapters made me giggle. Easy read and so enjoyable.

    Deb M.

  13. IQW

    I am reading the book now and really enjoying it.

    Doris M.

  14. IQW

    Enjoyed the book very much.

    Ruth M.

  15. IQW

    I am halfway through and enjoying it so much!!

    Connie C.

  16. IQW

    A delightful book. Enjoyed each memory, each success, each mishap, each new adventure!

    Heather R.

  17. IQW

    I laugh with every story!!

    Barb B.

  18. IQW

    What a lovely memoir. It was light hearted reading to brighten our days during these hard times.

    Marilyn S.

  19. IQW

    Only a few chapters left to read but I don’t want it to end. Very entertaining and well written.

    Stacy M.

  20. IQW

    I loved the book! Working in retail for 25 years myself and quite a few of those in cosmetics I could relate to a few of the stories in this book! A few of us girls used to joke we should all get together and write a book on our retail years!

    Debbie D.

  21. IQW

    It is so entertaining and what a great lift to my spirit.

    Shirley B.

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