Reflections in Glass and Stone- Peter Allan Rice

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When you crack the cover of Reflections in Glass and Stone and view any one of more than sixty full-colour images of Peter Allan Rice’s artistry, it evokes a greater appreciation for the shrinking natural world around us and transports you to a place of peace and tranquility. With each turn of the page, his glass, stone and metal creations challenge us to look at our relationship with the environment as well as the people and creatures that we share it with. Overlain on smoky and subtle images, Peter’s written descriptions fill us with hope and inspire all of us to strive for the same sort of colour and light in our world that we see reflected so wondrously in his sculptures.

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 9 × 0.5 × 10 cm

About Author - Peter Allan Rice

Peter Allan Rice’s work not only draws the viewer in with its stunning three-dimensional visual effects and colour, but his written descriptions and subject matter also evoke emotional responses of lost loved ones and cherished memories. His writing does not shy away from subtle references to environmental issues, or injustices he sees in the tumultuous world around him, but rarely does he fail to lift the spirits of all who view his work.

His sculptures are in collections throughout North America and Europe, and he has had showings at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa, as well as representing his work regularly, over the last two decades, at The Algonquin Arts Centre with many of Canada’s foremost wildlife and landscape artists.


5 reviews for Reflections in Glass and Stone- Peter Allan Rice

  1. IQW

    Your book has brought me back to my youth and how lucky I was, but I didn’t realize it at the time! The sculptures, and your stories along with them, made me reflect upon an innocent time. It made me realize how truly blessed I was to have had these experiences, and have such wonderful memories of these moments!

    Gail St. Louis

  2. IQW

    My initial reaction was to burst into tears when I saw the book, as it is so beautiful, and reminders of talent and beauty in the world are so important now, as always.

    Judy Cole

  3. IQW

    It is out of this world beautiful! Thank you for your art!

    Wobine Ishwaran

  4. IQW

    You put your heart into your work, and the descriptions are lovely and eloquent.

    Paula Wilson

  5. IQW

    Your works have reminded me of many wonderful canoe and camping adventures in Algonquin, The Black River near Thunder Bay, the French River, and many other parks in Ontario. Your sensitive and thoughtful descriptions of each piece will also remind me of my feelings during those adventures.

    Diana McQuirk

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