The Wrong Brother by Fran L Porter


Narrator Marigold Iona Anderson (“Mia’ to Adonis-handsome Damien Sparks) thinks she may have witnessed the precursor scene to a murder. And she fears Damien may be its perpetrator! How could she find herself so attracted to a man who is possibly a cold-blooded killer? In defiance of her own feelings, she turns to, and eventually marries, Damien’s charming fraternal-twin brother, Desmond. And what she then begins to discover takes her on a terrifying, yet romance-infused roller-coaster journey that grips until the moment it glides to a stop.

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“The Wrong Brother” takes us on a roller-coaster ride that leaves us dizzy by the time it glides to a breathless stop. Gripping danger and all-consuming love combine in its pages to produce a satisfying conclusion. This book combines mystery, suspense, drama and a touch of romance that leads the main character (a young university scholar) into a dangerous relationship with an abusive husband and towards a “life and death” decision for herself and her children. It is written with intelligence, insight, and a deep knowledge of the harmful psychological forces that control the players.

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About Author - Fran L. Porter

Fran Porter is a retired high-school English and French teacher who lives with her retired geologist husband Andy in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She is the author of “When the Ship has no Stabilizers” a book about their youngest daughter Colleen, afflicted with borderline personality disorder (BPD). This book raised nearly $50,000, which was donated to start a treatment clinic for city BPD youth and resulted in the Porters receiving Calgary’s 2017 ‘Philanthropic Family of the Year’ award. Since then, Fran has written the Foreword for the latest “Stop Walking on Eggshells” book, one directed at parents, by U.S. author and BPD authority Randi Kreger, due for release in January 2022.

Fran’s 2019 novel ‘The Wrong Brother”, as well as this novel, “Dastardly Deed”, are both romantic suspense stories taking place in the fictitious mid-western town of Barrett. The title of the series is “A Barrett Romantic Suspense.”



Fran: Loved your new book….even stayed up until 12:45am one night (2 hours after my normal bedtime) reading through the “gun to the head” section, which was so exciting.
And a lovely ending to the love between the doctor and Mia, with the lesbian woman almost messing things up.
Keep writing….hope you have a new idea percolating for another novel.
Thanks again….I’m recommending it to friends.


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