There and Gone – the fascinating story of a sports broadcaster


In the summer of 1983, at the age of 23, Bruce Buchanan became the youngest broadcaster in the NHL. As the official television voice of the Edmonton Oilers during the team’s dynasty era, Bruce called many historic clashes featuring some of the most legendary players at the top of their game. From Bruce’s early interest in sports to his burgeoning career in play-by-play, from his days in the free-wheeling NHL to the devastation of a celebrated career prematurely derailed, There and Gone offers up unique stories and a fascinating insider’s view of the game. The first time in print, it’s a compulsive read for dreamers and sports fans alike.

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About Author - Bruce Buchanan

Bruce Buchanan was Born in Yorkton, Saskatchewan in 1959 and grew up in Brandon, Manitoba.  As a huge sports fan, Buchanan realized his dream of becoming a professional play-by-play announcer and enjoyed a thirty-year career in radio and television. as the TV voice of the Edmonton Oilers in the 80’s and 90’s, Buchanan has worked with some of the greatest luminaries in the hockey world and beyond. For the first time in print, Buchanan shares boundless tales from his storied and accomplished broadcasting career.


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  1. Tina Crossfield

    “If you think it’s tough to become a player in the National Hockey League, try becoming a radio or television play-by-play announcer! Bruce has been a part of a number of special moments in the game of hockey but has never forgotten people along the way. The story of Bruce’s life is fun and interesting and this really comes through in this enjoyable book.”
    Andy Murray, former head coach of NHLs Los Angeles Kings and St. Louis Blues
    Posted by TC

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